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“Caught Me Unaware”:Hannah Benta Gifted Cooking Pots By Friends 


Celebrated TikToker and content creator Hannah Benta has been gifted expensive cooking pots by her friends. She noted this particular event caught her unaware as she didn’t expect.

Sharing a vlog through her YouTube channel, Hannah revealed events of unboxing her precious new cooking pots. Joy was written all over her face while catching a glimpse of the new kitchen ware she received.

Hannah hilariously noted that her heart is full. Moving from cooking with ‘old’ sufurias to using classy and expensive ones is one thing she noted not to take for granted. Whilst showering friends with praises, she prayed on abundant blessings on them.

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“Aki hata sijaziona zinakaa poa. My friends decided to surprise me with nice cooking pots. I have new sufurias. Guys change your circle of friends and get new ones wenye mnasaidiana. Aki Asanteni kwa sufuria Mungu awabariki,” she said.

Additionally her circle of friends bought her three pajama outfits accompanied with sets of undies. Hannah Benta hilariously noted her gratitude while fitting her gifts. On top of that she hinted that her friends should gift her a rice cooker as her next gift.

“On top of that they got me three pajama pieces. Sai ni kuwakunywa. Nini ingine sina mnaeza nibuyia. Rice cooker,” she stated.

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This comes recently after the beauty was gifted a knock-knock fridge worth over 300K. She noted to have been gifted the expensive machine by her anonymous lover.

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